The Rise of SPAM

t’s a numbers game, and something has changed out there in the land of www. The rate of SPAM over the last few weeks has risen dramatically. Not sure whether they’ve started their own server farm but omg, email overload.

Why do I say numbers game? Send enough SPAM and you’re bound to get some opens or click throughs and achieve the ‘end game’ whatever that might be.

What to do? 

Apart from the outright annoyance my biggest beef is the time loss in deleting them, and setting up rules in your email software (Outlook, etc) but there are 2 ways we can help stop them at the ‘front door’.

SPAM Assassin

If you’ve had an increase in SPAM contact us and we’ll enable SPAM Assassin at level 5. We can turn it up but we’re better off doing that 1 point at a time, don’t want to shut the door on legit emails.

Most times this will sort your SPAM issue for you. If your email address has been published on a webpage then you may be in for a hard time, really not a best practice. SPAM Bots roam the world of www looking for emails to scrape and SPAM.


If your SPAM is seriously bad another option is BoxTrapper. A little radical in that when an account that has BoxTrapper enabled receives an email, BoxTrapper automatically sends a verification email in response. The sender must complete the verification process before the email can pass to your inbox. If the sender does not verify the email, the verification fails and BoxTrapper never clears the message for delivery. After a period of time, the system automatically deletes the spam.

Like I said, a bit radical but very specific on what emails will get through.

Email Filtering – DIY Email Filtering – How To Stop SPAM Email.

A lot can be done at the webmail portal level if your hosting provider runs cPanel. In this video we show you how to setup email filters to fine tune your SPAM Filtering.


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