Do you own your own ‘personal name’ – as a domain?

Don’t you think you should?

Shouldn’t this be a part of your online IP (Intellectual Property) strategy, and protection?

To my mind it’s all a part of positioning yourself online, AND protecting the integrity of ‘you’ as the person behind your brand.

When I started online 10 years ago trying to make a name for myself, I couldn’t even get on Page 1 in Google!

So if someone was doing their ‘due diligence’ on me, checking me out as Peter Butler they would see all the other Peter Butler’s in the world but not me ?

The bottom line is people still want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Even if your branding is ‘corporate’ and you are simply the ‘silent’ face behind the business a lot of folk will still do their homework and due diligence and check out the person behind the business.

So, there I am, Page 3 in Google, it was a tough gig being a Peter Butler.

I thought I was popular, turns out I was just common  . There are a lot of Peter Butler’s out there, I was up against Football players, Plastic Surgeon’s, a Guitarist, and all manner of people with the same name, a competitive gig it was 

So, shouldn’t you at least secure your own personal name as a domain name?

I think so.

Go and see if your name is still available, you can do that here > DOMAIN NAMES CHECK

We’re a reseller of domains, we only make pocket-money from it, we became a reseller as a convenience to help clients out, plus we were sick of some domain crowds having extortionate pricing for domains.

It’s about $25 for your own domain for 2 years, so not big $$$.

Anyway, see if your personal named domain is available NOW.


Here’s a great resource too


No Sign Up, Feel Free to Distribute (Just don’t edit or plagiarise)


Domain Name Smart Proifile WebsitesWe also created the ‘Smart Profile’ websites, only $770 gets you a personal profile website, your personal name, built-in profile, social media icons, your mug shot or choice of image, all built-in WordPress, contact details, even a built-in blog if you want.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to get a little more personal. Remember, people do business with people they know like and trust. Plus it protects your own name in branding.

Here’s a couple of folk we’ve helped protect and position with their OWN –

Personal Named Branded Website –

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